EventGnosis Support Offering

EventGnosis Support Services

We are here to help

EventGnosis offers two support options for our EventGnosis subscription customers. EventGnosis PRO provides email support, and EventGnosis PRO 7/24 provides phone, email, and 7/24 paging support for critical problems. Both support options come with guaranteed response times.

All users have access to our on-line documentation, FAQ, application source code tutorial examples, and proplem reporting.

Let us jump start you

We also offer a number of fixed priced professional service packages to get you started right away and to save you time.

Our WebEx consulting sessions let you share your screen with an experienced application engineer who can show you how to solve your specific business problems using your EventGnosis server.

You can also let us do the work with our application solution packages. You provide us with sample messages and tell us what you want to have happen. A few days later, we provide you a complete EventGnosis application ready for you to integrate and test in your production environment. For many of our professional services packages you don't pay until you are completely satisfied.

EventGnosis Support Options

  All Registered Users EventGnosis PRO Support EventGnosis PRO 7/24 Support
Priority 1 Paging Support No No 7/24
Phone Support No No 9am-5pm Monday-Friday US/Pacific Time, excl. US Holidays
Email Support No Yes Yes
Assigned Support Contact No No Yes
On-Line Problem Reporting Yes Yes Yes
2 Hrs WebEx Consultation No Once in first Month Every 3 Months
Application Email Bulletins Yes Yes Yes
Software Updates Yes Yes Yes
Response Time Guarantee No Yes Yes
Initial Response Time
P1 n/a 1 business day 4 hours
P2 n/a 2 business days 1 business day
P3 n/a 2 business days 1 business day
P4 n/a 1 week 1 business day
Fix or Workaround
P1 n/a 1 week 1 day
P2 n/a Next release 1 week
P3 n/a Next major release Next release
P4 n/a At EventGnosis' discretion At EventGnosis' discretion
Customer Contacts n/a 1 Contact 1 Primary and 1 Backup Contact
Price Free Contact us Contact us

While we make specific response commitments, we will attempt to respond more quickly given the resources available at that time.

EventGnosis PRO 7/24 Customers: If we fail to respond or provide a workaround within the respose time commitments stated above, we will credit you three days for every day delay on your next year's EventGnosis PRO 7/24 support fee.

Problem Priorities

EventGnosis support contracts offer different response times based on the priority of a problem. Here are the descriptions of priority levels:

P1 - A production EventGnosis server is inaccessible or a majority of its functions are unsuable.
P2 - A key feature of a production EventGnosis server is unsuable.
P3 - Other problems where EventGnosis does not perform in accordance with the documentation.
P4 - EventGnosis enhancement requests.

Professional Services Packages

EventGnosis has some of the most experienced application engineers in the world for event processing and event correlation. Often it takes our engineers hours to solve real-world business problems that others spend days and weeks on without success.

Our package options are designed to jump start your business applications by solving specific difficult problems and creating application templates that you can later customize and enhance on your own. All work is done remotely and off-line. Conference calls with secure WebEx screen sharing sessions are used to gather requirements, finalize specifications, and show you how to integrate and configure the EventGnosis applications we create for you. You are responsible for providing us with sample data, specifications, and final integration and testing.

Dedicated Engineers or Engineering Teams

If event processing and correlation is just part of a larger internal development effort or you just want to get the job done without staffing up or redirecting existing application developers then a dedicated engineer or engineering team may be the answer for you.

Our application developers become a remote extension of your in-house development team. You direct the tasks and priorities each week by working directly with an EventGnosis Product Architect or Engineering Manager. He or she directs the daily work of the EventGnosis staff. Our developers will work right along your in-house team on a day-to-day basis using the most effective collaboration tools.

Summary of General Terms and Conditions:
  1. All applications, filters, source/destination protocols, and user interface components developed under one of our professional services engagements remain the ownership of EventGnosis, Inc. and may at EventGnosis sole discretion be included in any future product release.
  2. You will have a world-wide non-exclusive license to use these components on all licensed EventGnosis servers for internal use within your organization.
  3. You will also receive these applications or components in source code form which may be as an EventGnosis XML Application, or as Java Source/Destination protocols or Filters, and you may further enhance or modify these components yourself.
  4. These components are not warranted in any way, and they are not supported unless they become part of a standard product release or you choose to engage EventGnosis in further time and material based support.