EventGnosis CEP FOR OEMs

Professional Services Capabilities

EventGnosis Professional Services

EventGnosis has some of the best event management application developers in the world. By using our own EventGnosis Development Platform for Event Management Applications, they become a very cost-effective and efficient extension to your product development teams.

EventGnosis can participate in product development efforts on an ad hoc basis to:

  • Mentor the members of your development team
  • Enhance and modify the EventGnosis Development Platform by customizing it for vendors' application requirements
  • Create new filters and correlations
  • Mitigate or eliminate product and revenue delays
Accordingly, EventGnosis' "development team on demand" enables you to avoid committing to permanent staffing in situations where highly specialized — yet temporarily needed — skills are required. This ensures that we can provide you with those people who have the best skills for your project. Consequently, your product development costs can expand and contract on a project basis. You never incur fixed overhead costs which are unable to be 100% utilized or incapable of supporting the best skills for every project.

Custom Engineering Services

EventGnosis Professional Services is staffed by engineering professionals with broad and deep domain expertise in:

  • Network communications
  • Security event management
  • Systems event management
  • Application event management
  • Services event management
  • Networking event management applications
We can develop — on spec — any additional filters, correlations, protocols or applications you or your customers need. For our OEM customers, we can make direct enhancements and modifications to the EventGnosis Platform.