EventGnosis Products Comparison

  EventGnosis Event Center EventGnosis CEP EventGnosis SOA
Network, application, and log management for small to mid-sized IT organizations. more... High performance complex event processing for advanced enterprise applications. more... Rule based SOA transaction server for managing enterprise services and application integration in message oriented transaction environments. more...
Simplified Wizard Driven Application
Configuration Environment
Reporting and Real-time Dashboard

  optional optional
Based on the EventGnosis ECS
Event Correlation Engine 
Both Windows and Linux

Real-time Event Stream Processing

Message Protocol Translation and Routing

Message Archival with Archive
Browser/Viewer Application
Enterprise Application Integration
through Messaging
Event Correlations      
Simple Event Correlation

Complex Event Processing and Event Correlation

Network and Server Monitoring

Multi Application Environments      
Advanced Correlation Application
Development Environment
Web Services Deployment

SOAP Transactions

Library of XML Transformation Filters

SOAP Firewall/Proxy

Supported Protocols      



Text Logs

Remote Agentless Windows Events Reading

Remote Agentless Linux Log Reading

Data Bases (JDBC)


Active Directory


Embedded Server in Software
or Appliance Packaging
100% Flexibility      
Run-Time Deployable Custom Java Extensions

  EventGnosis Event Center EventGnosis CEP EventGnosis SOA
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