EventGnosis CEP FOR OEMs

EventGnosis CEP Features

EventGnosis Uses
  Complex Event Processing and Event Correlation
  Enterprise Application Integration through Messaging
  Real-time Event Stream Processing
  Message Protocol Translation and Routing
Key Differentiators
  High Performance
  No Need to Learn New Scripting Languages or New SQL Styles
  Large Library of Input and Output Protocols/Adaptors
  Large Library of Event Processing and Correlation "Filters"
  Better Memory Performance than "Streaming Windows" Technologies
  Higher Throughput and better CPU Performance than Database Implementations
EventGnosis Extensible Framework
  High Performance Extensible All-Java Architecture
  Users can Register new Protocols and Filters at Run-Time
  Multi-Threaded and Multi-Queuing Processing Architecture
  Integration with SOAP/XML Web-Services
  Integration with SQL Databases
  Integration with Microsoft Windows Active Directory Servers
Platform Performance
  150,000-200,000 events/sec per server
Easy Provisioning and Deployment
  Deploys in Minutes
  Automatic Update Management
  Version Roll-back
  On-line Registration
  On-line License Management
  Monthly Subscription Pricing based on Server Performance - Only pay for the performance you really need!
  Easy Self-Administered Licensing from within EventGnosis Manager
Scalability and Clustering
  Cluster Configuration at the Application Level
  Federated Clustering - such as Geographic or Hierarchical Processing
  Streams Separation - each server processes different event streams
  Stream Splitting - events in the same stream are processed in parallel by different servers (e.g. Load Balancing)
  Sequential Pipelining - different tasks on the same stream are performed on different servers (e.g. Specialized Compute Servers)
  Windows XP, 2000, 2003 Server
  Linux - Redhat and other versions
Sources - Input Protocols/Adaptors
  Java Message Service (JMS)
  POP3 Email
  RSS Feeds
  Shell Actions
  SQL Databases
  Calendar Triggered Events
  Unix Local Text Files
  Agentless Unix Remote Text Files
  Windows Local Text Files
  Local Windows System, Security, and Application Event Logsion)
  Agentless Remote Windows System, Security, and Application Event Logsation)
  XML over TCP
  Raw Text over TCP
  Application-to-Application Streaming
  Server-to-Server Streaming
Filter Categories - Event Stream Analysis
  Action Filters
  Calendar and Time Filters
  Conversion Filters
  Correlation Filters
  Database Filters
  Diagnostic Filters
  Directory Service/Active Directory Filters
  Edit Filters
  Flow Control and Routing Filters
  Performance Analysis Filters
  Scripting Filters
  Statistics Filters
  Synchronization and Batch Filters
  Variable and Persistence Filters
  Web and XML Processing Filters
Destinations - Output Protocols/Adaptors
  Java Message Service (JMS)
  SMTP Email
  Shell Actions
  SQL Databases
  Unix Local Text Files
  Windows Local Text Files
  XML over TCP
  Application-to-Application Streaming
  Server-to-Server Streaming
EventGnosis Manager - Visual Application Development Studio
Application Editor
  Self-descriptive English Language Building Blocks
  Simple Table Based Application Building
  Fill-in the Forms Configuration
  No New Scripting Languages to Learn
  Self-Documenting Applications
Application Publisher
  Protects applications from reverse engineering
  Documentation Management
  Hides configurations from users
  Version Management with Revision History
  Application FAQ Builder
Optional Scripting Languages Supported
  Real-time Application Diagnostics
Java Extensions
  Source/Destination Protocols
  Analysis Filters
  Run-Time Deployable Extensions
OEM Packaging
  Embedded Server in Software or Appliance Packaging
  Private Labeled Fully Packaged Application
  Highly portable to different Operating Systems and Appliances