EventGnosis CEP FOR OEMs

Detailed Benefits

EventGnosis Advanced Real-Time Log Analysis

As the speed of technology change accelerates, software vendors must come face-to-face with a challenging dilemma. On the one hand, the requirement for market agility demands that you surpass competitors' capabilities in development and deployment. On the other hand, spiraling engineering costs require that you minimize their expenditures on development.

The EventGnosis Development Platform for Event Management Applications resolves this dilemma. Rapid development and deployment become reality as costs are slashed.

Here is how this works.

EventGnosis technology seamlessly handles complex combinations of events generated by any device, service or application on a network. That includes not just systems management applications for security, service, BAM and networks, but also end-user, vendor-supplied and homegrown applications.

With the EventGnosis Platform's 100% open architecture and its natural language wizards, you can:

  • Build Custom Event Analysis and Management Applications in 90 Days with Zero Coding

    The EventGnosis Platform enables you to build revenue-generating event analysis applications at low risk in three months with zero coding. The alternative is custom coding applications, but that can take 3x-4x as long and incur up to 12x the cost. In fact, without EventGnosis, a single application can take an entire year to develop, which means 12 whole months before it can generate any revenue.

  • Deploy Scalable, Field-Proven Solutions and Accomplish Rapid Market Rollouts

    There is no need to build costly infrastructure in order to develop event-based applications. EventGnosis' proven platform enables you to respond to your customers' needs on-demand. You can rapidly build value-added event analysis and management applications for IT infrastructures of any size or complexity. The EventGnosis Platform also includes a publisher that protects your intellectual property by encrypting the analysis and event handling logic of any application you develop.

  • Support Real-Time Responses to Anomalous, Malicious or Unexpected Events

    Many so-called event management solutions are glorified batch collection and reporting systems that only gather information. They leave it to your customers to try to find out what happened after the damage is done, which requires them to analyze voluminous reports for days after the event occurred and then to do damage control after the fact.

    In contrast, the EventGnosis Platform supports full real-time analysis capabilities of tens of millions of events per hour. It enables you to build applications that collect and analyze events in real-time.

    Then it delivers results of these analyses to a console. Customers receive notification of emergencies that require immediate action. This means customers can respond to situations as they happen and when they can still be remediated.

  • Specify, Identify, Collect, Analyze and Manage Complex Event Flows Across Any Network for Any Application, Device or Service

    Every single hour, tens of millions of events occur on your customers' IT systems, but only a few rare combinations of these events are true emergencies that require immediate action.

    That is why the EventGnosis Platform's English language-based rapid application development wizard is so crucial. With it, you can configure filters and correlation rules included with the EventGnosis Platform.

    But you can also create new filters or correlations. Most powerfully, you can build complete event analysis and management applications capable of identifying the complex combinations of events that your customers absolutely must be notified about. These combinations of events directly affect the global health of their organizations and require immediate action. You use the EventGnosis Platform Publisher to encrypt and publish custom runtime applications that recognize, filter, correlate, analyze and process these events.

  • Instantly Analyze Events from Unlimited 3rd-Party Devices and Applications

    Because the EventGnosis architecture is open, you can build applications that handle all the events on your customers' networks, not just events local to your own application. No matter how many event-generating devices, applications and services your customer uses, EventGnosis technology enables you to receive every one of these events and process them instantly.