Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a problem, provide feedback, or request an enhancement?

Please use the Report a Problem in the Getting Started menu of the EventGnosis Manager user interface. You can also email "support" at, but please don't forget to include your Hardware ID (which is shown in the License Menu) in your email.

How do I install EventGnosis?

Just download the install file. For Windows run the set-up program, and follow the default prompts. For Linux, run the rpm installer with:

rpm -i <install file name>

The Linux version runs on many flavors of Linux, but has been validated and is supported on Redhat Enterprise ES 3.0.

Will I need to register?

You don't have to register immediately, but you will be asked to register within a few days. Please make sure that you register before you submit problems and enhancement requests. Please provide your phone number during registration, so that we give you a call to further clarify your requests.

What transaction volume will I be able to test with?

When you first install EventGnosis, the EventGnosis server will contact the EventGnosis license server, and you will automatically be issued a 10 days Trial License without any performance limits.

After that, upgrade to any of the offered subscription levels or to the free 5 events/sec license. You can change subscription levels at any time.

Will my EventGnosis Server need to be connected to the internet?

No, however a lot of administrative functionality, such as registration, automatic update notifications and system messages, automatic license key management, and reporting problems from within EventGnosis will not be available. All other event processing capabilities remain unaffected. You will need to provide us with your system specific Hardware ID (as shown the the Getting Started Licensing menu) so that we can issue you an off-line registration code and the appropriate license keys by email.

How do I choose the right subscription for my applications?

EventGnosis includes usage statistics for events per second by Min, Hour, Day, Week, and Month in the Getting Started screen of the EventGnosis Manager. You can see the actual peak and average throughput processed for your application.

You need to plan for the highest peak events per second throughput across all source protocols in the same EventGnosis Server combined. If the events per second limit is reached then excess incoming events in that second interval will not be processed and instead a message notifying you of your exceeded license limit is created, so you can easily track this. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right performance level:

  • If you could experience high event volume spikes, and you cannot afford to miss a message, then choose the “Unlimited” license.
  • If you know your peak message volume won’t exceed a certain value, then choose the events per seconds license category just above that value.

Is there a limit to the number of CPUs on a single server for an “unlimited” subscription?

Yes, a single “unlimited” subscription license is limited to two CPUs or processing “Cores” on the server. Please contact us, if you would like to run EventGnosis on larger servers.