EventGnosis Complex Event Processing

  • Complex Event Processing and Event Correlation
    • Deploys in Minutes
    • Deployment Support Available
    • Self-descriptive English Language Building Blocks
    • No New Scripting Languages to Learn
  • Real-time Event Stream Processing
    • Message Protocol Translation and Routing
    • Multi-Threaded and Multi-Queuing Processing Architecture
  • Scalability and Clustering
    • Cluster Configuration at the Application Level
  • EventGnosis Extensible Framework
    • Large Library of Input and Output Protocols/Adaptors
    • Large Library of Event Processing and Correlation "Filters"
    • Users can Register new Protocols and Filters at Run-Time

  • The EventGnosis CEP product goes beyond the Event Center offering to add:
    • More complex event processing and correlation
    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) through messaging
    • An Advanced Correlation Application Development Environment
    • JDBC database connectivity, RSS feed handling and Active Directory support

The following is a full list of EventGnosis CEP features

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