EventGnosis Support Services

EventGnosis Enables Real-Time Business

EventGnosis was founded in 2002 with the vision of enabling businesses to operate in real-time. The pace of business is constantly accelerating. It is no longer enough to make decisions in business cycles of days, weeks, and months based on historically reported data. It is often necessary to respond to changes in the business in real-time, regardless of whether it is changes in customers' on-line purchasing behavior, handling of service outages, or tracking the enterprise's compliance with its business policies. The costs of missed sales, lost customers, and legal liabilities are no longer acceptable to shareholders.

Most Businesses are Real-Time Ready

Fortunately, most of today's business operations are either electronically automated, such as a web-based purchase, or they leave an electronic trail, such as an overnight package being scanned upon delivery.

EventGnosis Complex Event Processing

EventGnosis is a powerful high-performance Complex Event Processing platform which enables gathering of such electronic data through a wide range of supported industry standard protocols, and which is able to analyze and act on this data in real-time. More importantly, even non-programmers can build rules and analysis by simply arranging self-descriptive English language building blocks called "Filters" into tables, and filling in the blanks to configure them.

Part of the Business Infrastructure

Complex Event Processing is increasingly becoming a critical part of the business infrastructure in many business areas, such as:

  • Network and application management
  • Security threat analysis and mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Enterprise application integration, e.g. Supply chain management
  • Financial services, e.g. Algorithmic trading and Fraud detection
  • Business process management
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Military and intelligence

EventGnosis is Easy to Use and Easy to Deploy

EventGnosis is the industry's easiest Complex Event Processing platform to deploy and the easiest to use. EventGnosis installs in minutes and is productive in hours.

EventGnosis Innovative Usage-Based Subscription Licensing

EventGnosis is licensed as a monthly subscription which is based on the actual throughput performance required by the user. Subscriptions can be managed and purchased right from within the product. There are no minimum commitments. Subscriptions up to 5 events/sec are free.