EventGnosis Event Center

  • Easiest IT Network and Application Management Solution Ever
    • Combine Windows Event Logs, Syslog, and SNMP
    • Send and Receive Email Notifications
    • Read Local and Remote Text Log Files
    • Advanced Event Correlation
    • Eliminate Duplicate Events
    • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Automatic Actions Triggered by Events
    • Shell and SSH Actions
    • Email and Syslog Notifications
  • Convert Multiple Messaging Protocols to Syslog
    • Windows Events, SNMP, and Text Logs
    • Forward Events to an Existing Syslog Server
  • Multiple User-defined Event Archives
    • For Diagnostic and Forensic Analysis
  • Free: 2 Hosts with up to 5 events/sec

Features Overview

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Event Center Uses
  Centralized Storage of Events
  Monitoring of Hosts and Services
  Protocol Translation
  Simple Automatic Remedial Actions
Key Differentiators
  Easy to use
  High Performance
  Scalability - Group Multiple Servers Hierarchically
  Simple Web-based Interface
  Based on EventGnosis CEP engine

Action Types

  Send Email
  Send Syslog Message
  Store in Archive
  Execute on Localhost
  Execute on Remote Host
  Create Counter Alert
  Create Sum Alert
  Discard Redundant Events
  Create Chart Data
  Forward to any EventGnosis Server (Event Center, CEP, or SOA)

Action Conditions

  Event Content
  Event Originating Protocol
  Time Event is Received


  Create Multiple Reports Based on Incoming Events
  Print Ready Reports
  Multiple Chart Types- Line, Area, Column, Bar and Pie Charts
  Auto-refresh Data for Real-time Dashboard

Transaction Archives

  High Performance
  Human Readable - Text Based
  Color Marking by Priority


EventGnosis Event Center Product Versions

  EventGnosis Event Center Free EventGnosis Event Center Basic EventGnosis Event Center Pro
Number of Source Hosts 2 20 Unlimited
Reporting Demo - just default report Demo - just default report Yes
User Management and Authentication No No Yes
Performance 5 events/second (10 days trial with unlimited performance) Unlimited Unlimited
Price Free $995 $3,495
Free Updates Unlimited Minor Releases Minor Releases
Support Problem Reporting, Patch Releases,
EventGnosis PRO and PRO 7/24 Support Available
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