EventGnosis: Industry-Leading
Complex Event Processing Solutions

  • Powerful, Flexible CEP, Event Correlation and Integration
    • Extensive Out-of-the-Box Protocols/Adapters
    • Large Library of Event Processing and Correlation Filters
    • Real-Time Event Stream Processing and Analysis
    • SOA, ESB and Message Protocol Translation and Routing

  • Off-the-Shelf Products and OEM Solutions for All Markets
    • Event Center: IT Network Monitoring in Minutes
    • Complex Event Processing Server: Event Correlation and Analysis
    • SOA Application Server and Event Processing for ESB

  • Proven Technology in Real-World Deployments
    • Powers Gartner MQ Leaders in SIEM
    • Widely Deployed in Fortune 1000
    • Up to 100K Events/Sec and Billions of Events per Day, Fully Correlated
    • Ready for Big Data Velocities and Volumes

    What can EventGnosis do for me?

    EventGnosis provides a range of Complex Event Processing products and solutions built upon the EventGnosis Platform. The Platform enables gathering of data through an extremely wide range of supported industry standard protocols, and is able to analyze  this data in real-time, generate new complex events, and trigger actions across your SOA landscape.

    EventGnosis is the industry's easiest Complex Event Processing platform to deploy and the easiest to use. EventGnosis installs in minutes and is productive in hours. Even non-programmers can build rules and analysis by simply arranging self-descriptive English language building blocks called "Filters" into tables, and filling in the blanks to configure them.

    Who uses EventGnosis?

    EventGnosis offers its solutions to OEMs needing CEP capabilities to embed in their own applications.

    The EventGnosis Platform is currently embedded in leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products. Through EventGnosis' OEM relationships, many Fortune 1000 companies use the EventGnosis CEP platform in mission-critical roles. For example, Gartner SIEM MQ Leader Q1 Labs (now IBM) uses EventGnosis CEP to power their QRadar SIEM offering.

    Beyond SIEM, the CEP capabilities of the EventGnosis Platform can add value in many domains, such as:

    • Security threat analysis and mitigation
    • Network and application management
    • Big Data log analysis, e.g. machine data
    • Business process management
    • Regulatory compliance monitoring
    • Enterprise application integration, e.g. Supply chain management
    • Financial services, e.g. Algorithmic trading and Fraud detection
    • Manufacturing process control
    • Military and intelligence

    The EventGnosis™ Complex Event Processing Platform enables OEMs who sell mission-critical software packages in any of the above domains to create reliable, scalable real-time advanced event analysis and management applications and functionality in less than 90 days. 

    The Platform's industry-leading technology includes all the infrastructure components needed to build and run event management applications. OEMs investing in the Platform can rapidly deploy leading-edge products to accelerate generation of entirely new, high-revenue streams. Full payback can be achieved in under one year.

    EventGnosis also offers several ready-to-run applications built on the core technology:

    • EventGnosis Event Center - Easy and Versatile Event Log Management, Event Correlation and Remediation
    • EventGnosis CEP - High-performance complex event processing for advanced enterprise applications
    • EventGnosis SOA - Rule based SOA transaction server, for managing enterprise services and application integration in message-oriented transaction environments

    For more information on these visit our Products page.

    If you have a project or product for which industry-leading CEP technology is an essential enabler, fill out the form below and EventGnosis will contact you to arrange a demo and discuss your requirements.

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