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Uses of Event in com.eventgnosis.filters

Methods in com.eventgnosis.filters with parameters of type Event
 java.lang.String Expression.getStringValue(Event ev)
          Constructs the specified string interspersed with parameter/variable values.
 java.lang.String ActionList.perform(Event ev, java.util.ArrayList routingList, FilterBase fb)
          Perform actions on the event & possible create new events to be routed.
 boolean Condition.match(Event event)
          Evaluates the incoming event against logically connected set of expressions.
 boolean FilterBase.matchCondition(Event ev)
          Evaluates incoming event against primary filter condition.
 SystemObject FilterBase.createDestination(Event ev)

Uses of Event in com.eventgnosis.sources

Methods in com.eventgnosis.sources that return Event
 Event StringToEventAccum.accumulate(java.lang.String str)
          Returns an event when have complete one.

Methods in com.eventgnosis.sources with parameters of type Event
 SystemObject EventSourceListenerBase.createDestination(Event ev)

Uses of Event in com.eventgnosis.system

Methods in com.eventgnosis.system that return Event
 Event InputEvents.getNextEvent()
          This method must be implemented for each source system object according to the unique behavior of each input protocol.
Special care must be observed due to the (a)synchronous nature of input protocol vis-a-vis threading/buffering/delay issues.

Methods in com.eventgnosis.system with parameters of type Event
 SystemObject SystemObject.createDestination(Event ev)
          Must be overridden for each of the base types of system objects.
This method finds successor system object for event flow based on emml configuration(called destination name).
 SystemObject SystemObject.getDestination(Event ev)
          Gets the destination SystemObject, if destination attribute is unknown (null) finds that destination based on it's emml config destination name.
Calls overridden createDestination(Event).
 boolean SystemObject.submit(Event ev)
          Receive an event from an outside source and submit it to the event processor.
See event processor classes for blocking behaviour.
If event processor submit fails the event will be discarded.
 java.util.ArrayList SystemObject.processEvent(Event ev)
          This method needs to be reimplemented for each filter system object that processes events, according to it's required behavior.
This is where specific processing/changes to events happen.
 boolean OutputEvents.outputEvent(Event ev)
          This method must be implemented for each destination system object according to the unique behavior of each output protocol to witch we are interfacing.
Special care must be observed due to the (a)synchronous nature of output protocol vis-a-vis threading/buffering/delay issues.

Uses of Event in com.eventgnosis.types

Methods in com.eventgnosis.types that return Event
 Event Event.copy()
          Copies event, including creation time, but execute deep copy on XmlRep so separate changes will not affect original copy or vice-versa
static Event Event.makeEvent(com.eventgnosis.sources.EventSourceAdapter esa, com.eventgnosis.types.HAL hal)
          Creates new event form given input parameters.