Debugging System Problems

The ECS is started with an ECA which specifies its configuration. Inside this ECA are uses and specific instances of the various SourceType, DestinationType and FilterType EMML definitions. It may be easier to build, maintain & view ECA’s from the standard GUI, but knowing that this configuration file is a simple XML file allows independence from the GUI, which is valuable for isolating certain types of problems. If you are familiar with XML you can open any of the XML files in EV_HOME/config to correlate your configuration with actual EMML definitions.

The ECS employs a rather simple, yet powerful logging system. Any Java source file can log to either err, warn or info tokens, each of which can be sent to the console, a file or ignored. Instrumenting your code with logging goes a long way towards solving complex, realtime problems. Startup problems are usually quickly identified by looking at the system log and by searching for “ERROR” or “WARN”, as the code is fairly heavily instrumented with precise error messages for typical problems. One of the startup parameters for com.eventgnosis.system.RuntimeController allows you to set the logging modes.

Also note that com.eventgnosis.system.RuntimeController has a main() and can be directly started, and various parameters specified, one being the logging modes. Another useful startup (command line) parameter that can be specified is whether or not to use the system console. This debug mode allows you to view configuration and runtime values for each major system object, as well as start & stop the entire object hierarchy.

Good debugging strategies involve stripping down to a simple ECA configuration that isolates the problem and proceeding in a stepwise, logical fashion. For some problems, it may be necessary to contact EventGnosis technical support.

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