TextLog Writer  


Text File




Send events to FileName of type FileType, limiting its length to FileSize.




If FileName is missing, blank or invalid, disable the writer.

If FileType is missing, blank or invalid, plain space-separated formatting will be used.

Supported file types are csv (comma-separated-values) or plain. Plain file type separates fields with a space.

If FileSize is missing, blank, invalid or less than zero, the limit will be 100K bytes. If this limit is exceeded the file is truncated to zero size.

If FileSize is zero, file truncation will be turned off.

The ECS must have write permission for FileName.

Special XML characters are translated according to the XML character translation table.



<destination objectId="TextLogWrtr1" type="TextLogWriter" stdout="FS.DemoAlive">
	<parameter type="FileName">D://orion/textLog2.txt</parameter>
	<parameter type="Application">Text File Reader</parameter>

Event Mapping

ECS event XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<event xmlns:ev="http://www.eventgnosis.com/">
	<ev:msg>2003-11-10 04:51:33.82</ev:msg>

Resulting write to end of TextLog file:

	"App","Host","Log","2003-11-10 04:51:33.82"