TextLog Receiver



Text File




Read lines from the end of FileName and set application name to Application.




Event Field Contents
ev:host ECS hostname
ev:app Application
ev:log FileName
ev:protocol Text Log

If FileName is missing, blank or invalid, disable the receiver.
If Application is missing or blank, set it to "Text Log".

Only reads events added to the log while the ECS process is running, meaning that any pre-existing events are ignored.

One event is generated for each new complete line in the text log. The ev:msg field contains this line.

The ECS must have read access to FileName.

Special XML characters are translated according to the XML character translation table.



<source objectId="TextLogRdr1" type="TextLogReader" stdout="FS.DemoAlive">
	<parameter type="FileName">D://orion/textLog2.txt</parameter>
	<parameter type="Application">Text File Reader</parameter>

Event Mapping

Incoming line from end of Web Server Log file:

	This new line with </event> inside has just arrived in the end of log.

Resulting XML

<event xmlns:ev="http://www.eventgnosis.com/">
	<ev:app> ECS </ev:app>
	<ev:log>C:\Program Files\EventGnosis\NonDefaultFromLogFile.txt</ev:log>
	<ev:protocol>Text Log</ev:protocol>
	<ev:msg> This new line with &lt;/event&gt; inside has just arrived in the end of log.</ev:msg>