Session Log Writer  


Session Log




Write all events to ECS Session log FileName as they arrive.
Do Not record the delay between events as a record into the file.




This writer is unsupported and is for EventGnosis professional services use only.

If FileName is missing, blank or invalid, disable the writer.

If Not is missing, blank or invalid the delays will be written.

The ECS must have write permission for FileName.

Session Logs are EventGnosis-specific files that capture event streams and timing and are "replayable" by the ECS Session Log Reader.



<destination objectId="SessLogWriter1" type="SessionLogWriter" stdout="FS.DemoAlive">
	<parameter type="Host">errLogHost</parameter>
	<parameter type="Port">21033</parameter>

Event Mapping

Incoming ECS event XML:

<event xmlns:ev="">
	<ev:app>Win Security Log</ev:app>
	<ev:log>Windows Log</ev:log>
	<ev:msg>The SNMP service is going down.</ev:msg>

Resulting write to file:

	ev:host=elmo|ev:app=Win Security|ev:log=Windows Log|protocol=Windows|ev:msg=The SNMP service is going down