The Condition parameter is one of the EMML (Event Management Markup Language) complex parameters. It is usually used in filters to determine whether a filter should or should not process an incoming event. Conditions can be built and edited in an ECA Editor module called Condition Builder.

The Condition Builder consists of three main parts:

  1. Header

  2. Sub-Condition area

  3. Resulting Condition



The Header is used to edit general Condition properties:


Sub-Condition Area

The Sub-Condition area is used to add, remove and edit sub-conditions.

A Sub-condition is added by clicking on the (+ Add Sub-Condition) button below the sub-condition area. A Sub-condition is removed by simply closing the desired sub-condition.


Resulting Condition

The Resulting Condition is generated dynamically as the Condition parameters are changed.

If Auto-Set Description is selected, the Resulting Condition will be automatically stored in the Condition description upon submitting the Condition.